We have over 12 years of industry experience in office furniture clearances and office furniture supply from small businesses to large companies, all major banks, educational sectors, universities, religious organisations, Fin techs and start ups.

We have all insurances and compliance in place which gives you the peace of mind to do business and support us through this journey.


Office Clearance

Our ethos is to help you as a company wherever possible to reduce waste by donating, re-using or recycling what we receive.

Stirling Silver Ltd are passionate about the environment. We are committed to helping you as a business not only receive brilliant waste collection services but also help you  to save on waste production. We believe that as an office removals and logistics company we should be held accountable for the waste we collect. Our aim is to redirect at least 90% of all the waste collected away from landfill. To prove it, you will be provided with an emissions report upon completion to see the positive environmental impact your company has made by using our services. 

Office Furniture Supply. We promote 're-use' and the circular economy and are working with environmental organisations to ensure the re-use of items by not only re-sale but also by making charitable donations to worthy causes.

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